The benefits of using Accoya® for windows and doors

Accoya® wood represents a major development in wood technology. It enables the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable, non-toxic solid wood. This makes it the perfect material for manufacturing high performance exterior timber windows and doors.

Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity, but it is more durable and stable than the best tropical hardwoods. Accoya®’s incredible dimensional stability means that you can have perfectly fitting windows and doors all year round; this significantly reduces the risk of the wood swelling or contracting when the temperature and humidity change. This means that Accoya® windows last longer, remain tight fitting and don’t leak. Accoya® is the perfect material for bi-folding and sliding doors as these systems can leak and seize if their frames warp or change size, so therefore it is essential to use a dimensionally stable material like Accoya®.

It can be opaque coated or, for those wishing to enjoy the natural look of wood it can be transparent coated. Accoya®’s low maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials.

Accoya® is a modified timber in which plantation grown softwood goes through a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, which enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. It has been the gold standard in the field of wood science and offers a new world of high performance, sustainable and low maintenance timber products. Accoya® can be used in virtually any aspect of joinery, both internal and external, due to its outstanding technical characteristics. We often use Accoya® for bespoke bathroom vanities, skirting boards, wall panelling and kitchens as it allows us to create a much more superior product that outperforms traditional hardwoods in terms of movement and durability.

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