Bespoke handcrafted joinery

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We are Inventors. Dreamers. Thinkers. Artisans. Perfectionists. And Craftsmen.

We combine timeless design with unparalleled quality and ingenuity to create a beautiful, functional space that reflects your personality and home, down to every last detail.

From truly bespoke cabinetry to elegant architectural joinery we design, manufacture and install every project in-house, providing our clients with a complete service from inspiration to installation.


With the best technical skills, craftsmanship and facilities we’re able to deliver exceptional projects to the highest specification.

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.


An extension of your personality

We are not an ‘off the shelf’ kind of company. We listen to how you live. From the first sketch, each design component is carefully considered to deliver a one-of-a-kind design, tailored to your taste, space and needs.

Each piece of cabinetry, panelling and furniture is a meeting of precision technology with centuries old artisanal techniques.



To be noticed from a distance

At Thomas May we use Accoya (a high-performance acetylated wood) as standard specification for all of our timber windows and exterior doors due to its 50 year guarantee against rot or warp.

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